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Worlds Hardest Game Online

Do you claim yourself a pro gamer? Ok, probably you might not have played world’s hardest game on your browser online. Get your hands onto this game, and if you could save yourself for the next ten seconds, I would call you a pro gamer else a noob.

World's hardest game is really one of the most difficult play games you ever have played in your life. The game is not that difficult to understand, but the theme and storyline of the game is the utter challenging. Though the game is difficult to play and carry, but addictive as hell. You would probably play it for the next 6 hours without blinking of your eyes.

The gameplay of World's hardest game:

The game is simple to understand and play, but difficult to achieve something from it.

You are the red square in the game or a small box and you need to cross that box and to make it reach to the next corner without smashing the four To-Fro moving ball from one side to the other side.

You need not collide with the moving balls and to make the red box to reach the next corner of the box in which you are playing all the game.

And if you could reach the next corner, the first level of the game completes, and in the next level, you are going to eat the yellow circles coming to your ways. Again, you need not collide with the moving balls, otherwise, you be dead at the moment.

That may sound very easy but difficult as hell, I have played the game half an hour, and believe me, I could not make it to the first level even.

And if could cross the first level of the game without dying at least twelve times please let us know.

As you progress through each level of the game, the target becomes harder to achieve and difficult to go.

The red box what you are controlling is the core of the game, and you need to pay complete attention at the movement of that red box and see if some ball is going to collide it and you will have to start the game all over again.

You need to be extra quick, as the ball coming and going in that speed that it becomes difficult to press the keys and to save the red box.

Play World's Hardest game unblocked online:

We have made it possible for you to play the game online on your Windows' browser or even on your phone. If you have not updated the flash with the latest version, please make it to the latest version to get the game going.

And the game does not take much time to get loaded instantly loaded.

The timing of the action is the heart of the game if you could learn in the next half an hour about the timing of the moving of the red box you stand triumph.

And do not forget to move to any of the green safe spaces to have a respite in the middle in the level.

There are total 30 levels in the game, and you need to cross even the first of the game.

And you will be getting the scores by doing it and in the end; the masses of the score rely on how many times you died in the game, and in how many tries made it to the particular level of the game.


Use the arrow keys to control the red box.

World's Hardest game Play Game:


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